Powerfest 2017

The idea behind PowerFest was to create a fun, out-of-the-ordinary event to celebrate the new relationships built during the year and also thank those who believed in our company by referring their friends, families, and colleagues. We all know those banquets and galas that we’re invited to, sometimes one too many times. Well, PowerFest is meant to be the complete opposite. For 2017, we took our participants on a wild scavenger hunt through the McNay Art Museum, Japanese Tea Gardens, The Pearl, and finished off the night with wine- and chocolate-making lessons. There were twists and turns along the way, with each clue bringing a new task. We even added the extra cash cab feature which allowed the three teams to compete for the most "Empower cas"h in between clues. 

There's always something new happening at Empower Wealth Advisors; if you're curious as to what 2018 might bring, keep an eye out!



Powerfest 2017 Teaser Trailer: