PowerFest 2016

The idea behind PowerFest was to create a fun, out-of-the-ordinary event to celebrate the new relationships built during the year and also thank those who believed in our company by referring their friends, families, and colleagues. We all know those banquets and galas that we’re invited to, sometimes one too many times. Well PowerFest is meant to be the complete opposite. For 2016 (our inaugural year), we created a city-wide scavenger hunt, then took participants through a number of activities including dinner and cocktail-making class. The idea was to create a fun, casual atmosphere, in which we could both celebrate our new clients, thank our referrers, and also learn more about each other in a fast-paced, game environment. Nothing brings people together more than friendly competition, right?

PowerFest was branded so that it could become an annual event clients could forward to participating in, with the catch that they bring us one of their friends or family to work with us! Who knows what PowerFest 2017 may have in store! Why not join us to find out?