Financial Planning

The Journey to a Work-Optional Lifestyle

We strive to provide the most innovative solutions for business and personal wealth management. We understand that it takes more than just a few investment accounts and an employer retirement to make you feel secure about your retirement, long-term goals, and business objectives.

Were here to help you conquer that summit! With more than 20 years of experience in financial planning, we’ve developed three levels of service. Each provides a different set of strategies and resources that are built to help you along each stage of your journey.

Team Empower will be there every step of the way to help you on achieve a work-optional lifestyle and leave your legacy without neglecting the important things: family and fun!

All of our plans include access to Ecnomists, Investment Product Experts & Planning Professionals.

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Hill Country:

This plan is best fit for those who are just beginning their financial planning journey, generally fledgling entrepreneurs and business owners with young, growing families. It will cover the fundamentals. We’ll work on developing financial goals and timelines that are relevant to your current position. We understand that life changes and with it so should your financial goals. For that reason, we meet with you annually to review progress, revise and set new goals, and ensure we are delivering the services that best fit your needs. Consider Hill Country your stepping-stone towards Sierra.

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Sierra is our mid-level plan, which is best suited for more established entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to organize their assets and liabilities, pay down debt, and establish a path to a work optional retirement. We built this plan to encompass everything from Hill Country plus detailed retirement planning, tax-saving strategies, life event planning (death, disability, long term care) and basic estate planning. As you make progress toward your goals, we’ll meet a couple of times each year to monitor your progress and adjust when needed. Consider Sierra your stepping-stone towards Everest.

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Our highest summit, Everest, offers a full package best suited for more established entrepreneurs and business owners, or families with a high net worth (usually > $10M) which require more specialized analysis and planning. Everest encompasses everything from our first two levels and includes additional tax savings strategies, advanced estate and legacy planning, and retirement probability analysis. Everest encompasses both your business and personal planning to achieve a work-optional lifestyle (or retirement) so you can enjoy what you’ve earned, spend time doing what you want, and share with those you love.

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