2019 Tax, Retirement, & Estate Guide

The 2019 Tax, Estate, & Retirement Guide is here!

Health Savings Accounts - What You Should Know

Changes in the health care marketplace, rising medical costs, and the tax advantages that health care savings accounts (HSAs) offer make them an attractive planning tool for many individuals covered by high-deductible health plans (HDHPs).


Divorce & Penalty Free Retirement Plan Withdrawals

Early retirement account withdrawals come with a penalty fee, on top ordinary taxes. There are exeptions however, if you are awarded funds from in a divorce settlement from an ex-spouses qualified retirement account you may be elgible to withdraw funds ONCE penalty free! 

Divorce & Your Credit - 4 Steps You Can Take to Prevent a Credit History Disaster

While the divorce decree outlines who is responsible for paying off certain debt after the divorce, it does not relieve you of your joint contractual obligation to pay off the debt.  While the court orders one party to pay off that debt, if payments are missed, both party’s credit will suffer. Take a look at these 4 steps you can take to stay ahead and prevent a Credit History Disaster.

Don't Divorce Your Spousal Social Security

Did you know that if you divorce you may still be able to claim a spousal social secuirty benefit? This may be the difference you need to reach your retirement goals. Even if you are still far from retirement, know the benefits you are eligible for!

Why I Chose to Pursue the CDFA®

Over the last 18 years I’ve experienced the joy of couples welcoming newborns and adopted children into their families, the excitement when business aspirations turn into reality and the relief when hard-earned retirement dreams come to fruition.  I’ve also observed the heartache and torment caused by divorce and in-fact, experienced that same pain in my own divorce in 2010.   Unfortunately, divorce is much too common in today’s society and comes with both emotional and financial costs.