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It’s no mystery, financial matters cause stress…

For instance, usually one member of a household takes a lead role in managing the finances.  Unfortunately, the death of (or divorce from) the household financial manager leaves the surviving spouse confused and with limited information on the financial health of the household. 

Common stressful questions and concerns arise like:

  • How much money do I have? 
  • Where is it and how do I get to it to pay my bills?
  • The bills keep coming, how much more do I owe?
  • Where are the Wills?  Power of attorney? Directives to Physicians?  Declaration of Guardianship?
  • How much life insurance do we have?
  • I know we paid this car off.  Where is the title of ownership?
  • Who can help me figure this out?

Most of us have either been in this situation or know someone who has found themselves feeling financially lost and out of control.

Investing can be stressful too…

Investing often keeps people up at night as well.  The uncertainty of the markets create stress which often leads to poor investment decisions.  Commonly there’s a disconnect between investing in your retirement accounts (IRAs & 401ks), the underlying investments and an actual retirement goal.

Unless your investments are linked to a goal, they are much like a ship without a rudder trying to make it to an unknown destination. 

And more questions arise like:

  • Am I saving enough?
  • Will I run out of money?
  • How aggressive or conservative should I be investing?
  • How will Social Security be factored in?

We have made it our practice to help reduce the stress associated with managing your finances.  We provide you the professional advice, guidance and easy-to-use tools to Empower your dreams.

In today's ever-changing and complex financial landscape, where uncertainty reigns, it's vital to partner with an expert who understands you and EmPowers you to pursue your goals using a comprehensive multidisciplinary process.

The process we use, as depicted by the molecule to the right, incorporates estate planning, accumulation, risk management, taxation, business planning, and retirement planning. Whether you enjoyed chemistry or not, you’ll recall that if an element is missing from the molecule, it just may turn out to be something you didn’t expect or want. The same can result with an uncoordinated plan. Please use the wealth management molecule to learn more.

We are a boutique financial firm dedicated to professional and personalized service. When you call our office, you talk to a person, not a machine. We realize investments, stock options, 401ks, insurance, wills, etc. are just tools; means to dreams are what we call them but they can often take you off track. We get to know you and your dreams so we can EmPower you to reach them.

We understand that the many of the financial issues you face can be complex and confusing. We pride ourselves on making difficult topics easy to understand so you can make sound decisions.





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